Has Oneplus Become A Sub-Brand Of Oppo?

According to a leaked memo, OnePlus is now a sub-brand of Oppo as a result of the 2 companies' mergers. Both OnePlus and Oppo have reportedly agreed not to answer to any inquiries about their OS ambitions, including if OnePlus' OxygenOS will merge with Oppo's ColorOS or the other way around. The leaked email contains an inventory of recommendations in reaction to OnePlus Co-Founder and CEO Pete Lau's announcement of a merger last week. OnePlus decided to "better integrate" its organization with Oppo after "seeing great impact" from the prevailing relationship, consistent with Lau. He didn't, however, enter detail on how the mixing will work. On Twitter, tipster Evan Blass posted a paper that appears to be an indoor memo containing talking points that the OnePlus PR staff might employ.

Has Oneplus Become A Sub-Brand Of Oppo?

The answer to the question about the new relationship between OnePlus and Oppo and whether the previous will still work independently says, "With the mixing, OnePlus becomes a brand within Oppo, but will still function as an independent business."

The memo reiterates what Lau said in his forum post last week, stating that the mixture will allow OnePlus and Oppo to "streamline resources" and increase efficiencies. It also mentions that Lau is currently responsible for both OnePlus and Oppo's product strategy.

Lau joined Oppo's company OPlus, which also owns a majority share in OnePlus, last year.

On its phones, OnePlus has included OxygenOS, which is recognized for providing a near-stock experience. Oppo, on the opposite hand, offers ColorOS, a heavily customized custom skin. OnePlus decided to exchange its HydrogenOS — the China version of OxygenOS — with Oppo's ColorOS earlier this year, despite no changes on the software front within the global markets.

“By combining the 2 companies, we'll have additional resources at our disposal to make even better products. the mixture also will allow us to be more efficient in our operations,” the document concludes.

Overall, the OnePlus and Oppo combination is unlikely to end in substantial changes for consumers because the 2 companies already share manufacturing and provide chains. Last year, the firms also chose to merge their research and development divisions more deeply. However, it's unclear how OnePlus would position its future products as compared to those given by the Oppo brand so as to stay competitive with consumers.

According to the message, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau will join OPPO as chief product officer and can be liable for product plans for both Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

The memo, in other words, has confirmed that OnePlus is going to be a neighborhood of OPPO, consistent with the report.

"We will have additional resources at our disposal as a result of the merger of the two companies, allowing us to form even better products. it'll also enable us to enhance our operational efficiency "The memo continues.

Lau recently stated in a politician forum post that it'll enable them to be more efficient, like delivering faster and more stable software upgrades to OnePlus users.

Last year, he took on additional responsibility to handle product strategy for both OnePlus and OPPO, consistent with him.

"This move, I'm convinced, is going to be beneficial to our community and users. we'll have more resources at our disposal as a result of our deeper integration with OPPO, allowing us to create even better goods for you "Earlier, Lau stated.

He did say, though, that the OnePlus brand will still operate autonomously, that specializes in providing the best products and experiences possible because it has within the past.