How To Hide Chats In Whatsapp Without Archive Download.

Almost every WhatsApp user has encountered a situation in which they wanted to hide portions of their discussions, but it is not always as straightforward as it appears.

How To Hide Chats In Whatsapp Without Archive Download

Previously, you could conceal conversations on WhatsApp, but they would return whenever a new message arrived, pushing them back to the top of the message list and undermining the purpose of hiding them in the first place.

All of that has changed recently, with WhatsApp announcing that chats would now be hidden in a separate folder, with archived feeds not reappearing in the main section when a new message is received.Users have told us that they prefer their archived conversations to stay in the Archived Chats folder rather than being reintroduced into your main chat list when a new message arrives," the firm said in a tweet.

Any archived message thread will now stay in the Archived Chats folder even if a new message is sent to that thread, thanks to the new Archived Chats settings.

What Is The Best Method For Archiving WhatsApp Messages?

On your phone, open WhatsApp.

Tap the 'More choices' area on the 'Chats' page.

'Chats,' 'Chats history,' and 'Archive all chats' are the options.

To transfer a chat conversation to the archive section, tap and hold on the conversation you want to archive.

You will no longer receive notifications about these discussions "unless they are referenced or replied to," according to WhatsApp.

You can change the settings for each chat at any time by returning to the "archived chats" section and repeating the steps above.