BSNL Air Fiber Installation Charges and Device Price

 The installation charge of the Bharat Air Fiber is RS 500. Although, BSNL is providing free installation services for AiFiber customers for a shorter period. Although installation charges may be zero you have to pay for a wi-fi router.

BSNL AirFibre Plans, pricing, installation and Device Price
BSNL AirFibre Plans, pricing, installation, and Device Price

Earlier this Year BSNL announced BSNL's promotional scheme for free installation of AirFiber connections till 30th Apr. 2021. After seeing the overwhelming response of the people BSNL has announced to extend the date further till 3rd Aug. 2021. There is no clarity whether this promotional scheme is currently active or not, You will contact BSNL for this.

On choosing the Basic Plan of Air Fiber you will have to pay 500 INR as a security deposit and 18% GST

Hence, If you will choose AirFiber Basic plan your First Bill Will Be

Security deposit - 499 INR + 499 INR (one month subscription) + 18% GST = 1178 INR (approx.) 

The billing period of AirFiber is from 1st to the last day of the month ( i.e. from 1st to 31st or 1st to 30th day)

Availability In Urban Areas

No, BSNL Bharat AirFiber is not available in urban areas. The BSNL has made care statements that the Bharat AirFiber is for rural areas

If you are willing to get Air Fiber but you are living in an urban area you can go for Bhat Fiber which is a wired (optical fiber) broadband connection of the BSNL.