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BSNL's Bharat Air fiber is a wireless internet broadband connection. Unlike BSNL's Bharat fiber it does not require any Wired connection from the nearest tower. It uses wireless technology to transmit data. The bandwidth(speed) of Air Fibre is 100MBPS at a distance of 5km from the nearest BSNL tower. It Can be used beyond the 5km range but it will affect the speed of the connection.

In this post, we Review The BSNL's Bharat Air Fibre we will see its planspricing, cost of installation, and the Devices Price of the BSNL Bharat Air Fibre

BSNL AirFibre Plans, pricing, installation and Device Price
BSNL AirFibre Plans, pricing, installation, and Device Price

BSNL has invested in new technologies and has bought some new policies for Bharat Air Fibre that will enhance customer satisfaction. The BSNL Bharat Air Fibre is available across all terrains of the country 

As Bharat Fibre services are available both in Urban and some Rural Areas of the country, it is still not available in various Rural areas of the country.

Therefore BSNL launched Bharat Air Fibre for such areas. The main aim was to develop the villages and bring them up by providing them Internet Connections.

Other than the Internet. The BSNL provides free calling services to Bharat Air Fibre Customers

Initially, BSNL planned to connect 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats with Bharat Air Fibre